Elevate your game

Gilbert Rugby, a renowned brand in the world of rugby, offers a variety of rugby balls tailored to different playing conditions, skill levels, and preferences. Each type of ball is designed to optimize performance and durability on the rugby pitch.

Gilbert's Match Balls, the choice of champions and elite rugby players worldwide. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our Match Balls offer unrivaled performance and consistency, making them the perfect choice for the most critical moments on the pitch. Whether it's a national championship or a fiercely contested local derby, our Match Balls deliver the accuracy, flight, and grip you need to dominate the game. Trust in the quality that professionals rely on – trust in Gilbert.

Train Hard, Play Harder

Gilbert's Training Balls are designed to withstand the rigors of intense practice sessions. Engineered for durability and longevity, these balls are your perfect training partner. Whether you're working on your kicking accuracy, passing precision, or ruck and scrum skills, our Training Balls will perform consistently, session after session. Elevate your game, one training ball at a time.

Ranging from size 3-5 for every step in your rugby journe as you grow into the game, check out what size ball you need with our size guide.

Top tips for optimal performance

Cleaning - Before each training session or match, clean your rugby ball to remove any mud or residue. Do this with a soft cloth, a light detergent and warm water to ensure the grip is kept in its optimum condition for the maximum length of time. 

Inflation and Air Pressure - All rugby balls should be inflated to the correct pressure of 9-10 psi, for match balls we recommend 9.5-10 psi. Be very careful not to over-inflate as this may permanently effect the shape/performance of the ball. We recommend using a hand pump to inflate the balls.

Storing - Keep your ball in a dry environment. Even though the ball is waterproof, if left in a damp setting, tiny amounts of water will accumulate inside and eventually increase the weight of the ball.

It's official

Gilbert Rugby are the number one ball manufacturer in the world, supplying the top leagues and unions around the world, and not to forget the official ball supplier and proud partner of the Rugby World Cup.