choosing the right cricket bat

Choosing the right cricket bat is a game changer, quite literally! But with so many options out there, how do you pick one? The main factors to take into account are:

- Bat Size. The Bat should feel comfortable, with the handle at waist height when you're in your batting stance. Junior players should select appropriately sized bats for their age and height.

- Playing Style. Are you a power-hitter, a classical batsman, or an all-rounder? Your playing style should influence your choice. Power hitters may prefer a heavier bat, while classical batsmen might opt for a lighter one for better control

- Type of Bat. Kashmir Willow or English Willow? Kashmir Willow bats are ideal for starting out and great value for money.

Which bat to start with?

If you have a junior starting to play soft ball cricket, one of our Kashmir willow bats would be appropriate. They are ideal for starting out and are great value for money.   

If you are buying for a slightly older junior, you may want a bat that packs more of a punch. This could be a lower grade English willow bat, such as a 100 grade. These can be used against a hard cricket ball, but are well priced for beginners. 

Check out our bat size guide to see what size bat your junior needs. 

Bat After-Care

So you’ve bought your first Gray-Nicolls cricket bat, what now? You might have heard of the phrase knocking-in. This is the process of preparing your new bat for use in matches. If you take a new bat straight out in to a match without knocking it in, you could risk damaging it, as it isn’t condition for use against a hard ball straight away. Knocking-in will help prevent any undue damage.

Remember to carry out regular maintenance of your bat throughout the season and prepare for the season ahead by applying some linseed oil to the face, edges and toe of your bat to protect the wood and maintain moisture throughout the season.


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