Rugby or Football Boots?

Both sports have different requirements. Rugby boots are deisgned with durability and player protection in mind. They often have more padding and reinforcement around the toe, heel, and sides to withstand the physical contact and collisions that occur in rugby.

Rugby boots often have larger, more prominent studs or screw-in studs, which provide better traction and stability on soft and often muddy or uneven playing surfaces. Rugby boots are designed to help players maintain their footing during scrums, tackles, and rucks.

Our rugby boots feature a wider fit to give a more dominant foot position which equals more power.


Selecting the right rugby boots is essential for performance, comfort, and injury prevention on the rugby field. Factors to consider are:

- Ground Type. Different boots are better suited to different ground qualities, from Soft, to Firm to Artifical.

- Position Specific. Different positions may require different types of boots. Forwards often need boots with more stability and grip, while backs may opt for lightweight and agile boots for speed and agility.

- Studs. Rugby boots have either molded or screw-in studs. Choose studs based on your playing surface. Screw-in studs offer adaptability for varying field conditions. All of our studs are World Rugby Approved.