Safety and protection is not just important at the top end of the game, but of paramount importance to parents when they send their children out to play. That’s why we put as much care into our helmets designed for the junior and the recreational game as we do the professional format. If your child is just starting out, the Elite helmet comes in Small Junior sizing and will be perfect for their forays against a hardball, while if you are slightly more advanced, we fully endorse the Atomic and Atomic 360 helmets to keep you and your loved ones safe. 


You may have noticed that a Gray-Nicolls helmet, more so than any other on the market, has what we call a contoured peak. Essentially the peak of the visor – which on other helmets is flat and projects straight out from the shell – forms a 3-dimensional curved shape, ensuring that any impact will be deflected away from the forehead and temples. In doing so, contact with these key areas is minimised and the remaining force is distributed throughout the rest of the helmet, rather than being concentrated on one specific area. 


More than any other piece of kit in your bag, your helmet is an absolute safety essential. We want to reassure you that when you put your faith in a Gray-Nicolls helmet, you are choosing a product with an unbeatable safety record, strenuously tested in both a laboratory and real-world environment.

We don’t take the designing of helmets lightly, and more resource goes into engineering our helmet range than any other product category in the Gray-Nicolls collection.

Check out our size guide to see what size helmet you need.


When it comes to protecting the head and ensuring maximum comfort, Gray Nicolls helmets are the top choice for athletes of all levels. Players include Babar Azam, Sophia Dunkley & Kane Wiliamson.