Some of the most popular reasons to use body armour and shoulder pads include:

Minimising Impacts. Contact sports always put stress on your body, all Gilbert body armour has been designed to minimise the impacts of regular contact training on your body.

Recovery Between Sessions. Recovery between matches and contact training is often short - 48 hours or so. Therefore, it is important to minimise impacts on your body so you can fully recover between sessions.

Injury Recovery. Wearing body armour when recovering from short or long term injuries help to build your confidence and integrate you back into contact training.

Choosing the Right body armour

Choosing the right body armour for rugby is essential to ensure player safety and performance on the field. Rugby is a physically demanding sport and so you must consider the following factors:

- Protection level. We have different models which range from 3 pads across the shoulder and chest to 13 pads across the whole body.

- Fit & Comfort. A comfortable fit is paramount to ensure that the body armor doesn't impede movements or become a distraction during the game. Choose armor that is snug but not too tight, allowing for freedom of movement. Check our size guide here.

- Quality. All of our body armour is World Rugby approved.

Ultimately, the goal is to choose gear that enhances your safety and performance on the field while ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.