Get to know James Hudson...

Get to know James Hudson...

James 'Hudders' Hudson - Armed Forces, Hockey and how he got there.

James 'Hudders' Hudson has a long-standing relationship with Grays Teamsports. He is a Major in the British Army, based in Headquarters Regional Command, Aldershot, working as the principal staff officer for the Chief of Staff.  Sport plays a huge part in his life and is a key reason he has been a GTS ambassador for so long. We love his passion and are so excited he is kicking off our Ambassador blogs.

So lets get to know Hudders...

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Bournemouth, live in Aldershot, with most of the family in Taunton, Somerset.

When did you first start playing Hockey?
Age of 4, I think at Bournemouth HC

What made you realise Hockey was your sport?
Ultimate Dad pressure to start with but who didn’t have that?! But genuinely, not until I was a lot longer in the tooth after taking a break from sport due to tearing my meniscus playing cricket in 2018. Put the cricket kit in the loft (sold it…don’t tell Gray-Nicolls…) and found my passion for hockey again. Since then, the climb has been staggering.

Which coach has impacted you the most in your sporting journey?
Great question…I’ll always harp back to two…Harvey Trump, former Somerset player and teacher at Kings College Taunton – what a mentor and friend. The second one is Paul Farbrace, my England U18 cricket coach. Pre-selection for a WI series, he was watching the Bunbury Festival (I think) and just told me to have no fear and enjoy the moment…80 odd later and a decent tournament, he picked me.

Tell us about the relationship with the armed forces and representing them in your sport.

Team work/spirit/ethos, are the building blocks for any sportsperson or member of HM Armed Forces. Leadership (born  with or learnt, discuss...), flexibility, selfless commitment to the cause and those around you, and loyalty, all spring to mind also. The attributes that you are taught and harness be it through Phase 1 and 2 training as a soldier or the 11 months at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst directly correlate to any induvial or team sport. They are mutually supportive and beneficial.

What is it like representing the Welsh O35's?
I actually get to represent the 35s and 40s this year as the World Cup squad is a combined age group. Every time I put the Feathers on, it brings with it an immense sense of pride and a desire to do all that I can to never let my team mates or the country down.

If you could play any other sport what would it be and why?
Ooohhhh…golf…love it…although three putting causes me to launch the putter on a regular basis haha.

What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring hockey player?
Work harder than you did yesterday and harder than anyone else around you. Never give up on your dreams and believe that you have what it takes to make them a reality, particularly during all the dark, cold, and bad days – you got this! Lastly, find a good mentor – worth their weight in gold!

What is your favourite quote: