Get to know Megan Fergusson...

Get to know Megan Fergusson...

Megan 'Megs' Fergusson - Sportswoman, adapting and what she has on the horizon.

Megan 'Megs' Fergusson already has a long-standing relationship with Grays Teamsports. We got to know Megan as a pupil at Pangbourne College, in Berkshire and player at Reading Hockey Club. Sport has always played a huge part in her life and is a key reason she stood out as a brand ambassador for Teamsports. We love her strength, her adaptability and can't wait for you to get to know her.

What are you studying at university?
I am studying Physical Education, Sports Science & Health.

When did you first start playing Hockey?I started playing hockey as soon as I could pick up a stick, 5 years old.

Which coach has impacted you the most in your sporting journey?
The coach that has inspired me the most was my sports teacher in prep school, she believed in me and that I was a strong sportsman. Ms (Laura) Craston went above and beyond with the support & guidance, more than she needed to in her role and I am so grateful. 

Can you talk to us about your left arm?
Of course. I was born without my lower left at birth so growing up and learning how to do certain things has been challenging however it has made me the person I am today.

Were there limitations on you playing sport at school?
I was extremely lucky at Pangbourne, in the sense that all members of staff throughout my schooling have always treated me the same as all my peers around me. The selection and level of sport that I was lucky enough to have access to, was a dream come true and something that was never taken for granted 

What drove you to change your sport to triathlons?
The main thing that drove me down the route of triathlon was the lack of opportunities in hockey for para athletes. I’ve always wanted to compete at the highest level in all sports that I’ve played and it got to a point where there was no where else I could go with my hockey so therefore it forced me to re-evaluate my sporting future.

What competition are you training for at the moment? 
I’m currently training for the British Para Super Series events that are held all around the UK in the hope that (depending on my results) I might have the opportunity to compete internationally at the end of the year and represent my country. 

What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring sportsperson with a physical disability?
The one piece of advice I would give to any aspiring sports person with a physical disability is to never let anyone doubt your capabilities and to continue to believe in yourself when faced with challenges.

What is your favourite quote: